With a history dating back to the 1890’s Waverley, originally named Ellesmere after the lakes of Shropshire in the West Midlands of England, was built by George Stelling. George (his father Gustavas was from Hamburg & his mother’s family from Essex, England) was born and grew up in Warrnambool Victoria Australia. He worked there in retail until he moved to Albury in the late 1880’s to manage Hunter’s hardware store. George Hunter, the store’s proprietor, took a liking to the young man & invited him to live with & his family at their beautiful home Luton (now demolished) in Perry Street Albury.

Emily, the eldest daughter of George & Hannah Hunter, was a talented artist who worked as a governess. When George & his wife noticed an attachment was forming between their daughter & George Stelling, they asked George to find accommodation elsewhere. He did just that & set about saving money. During the following five years he saved enough money to put a deposit on some land in Kiewa Street & commenced building a home. He & Emily were married on March 8th, 1893 & moved into the four rooms that George had built on his block of land. Their first child Doris was born in August 1894 & Horace Wilhelm in June 1896.

George remained in Albury with his family & became a very respected member of the Albury Chamber of Commerce

Since that time, Waverley has gone through a number of renovations & changes. It was divided in 1952 to 1957 for renting purposes. It later became Kate’s Guest House until the early 1980’s. Since then it was thought to be a doctor’s residence/surgery, chiropractors consulting rooms, & between 1997 & 2002 it operated as Aljoy Photography. When the house was purchased by the present owner it was already known as Waverley and the name has stayed to this present day and is now operating as Waverley Bed & Breakfast.

This information has been provided by the Albury Historical Society www.alburyhistory.org.au

The above is a photo of George Stelling and his family found in the Albury library. He’s 3rd along from the right and his wife is in front of him with the baby.

Rear: Ernest, John, George (father of Stella and Ruby seated front), George Stelling (husband of Emily), Ernest Heath (holding Walter), Frank.

Front: Clara (Nursing daughter Eilean Moffat), Hannah, George, Emily (nursing Doris Stelling), Alice (wife of Ernest Heath), Eleanor (married Ernest Heath after death of Alice), Charles (reclining).